Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I have come to realize I like ALL holidays! I love to hear the music, or just decorate! The pictrue above was created by my hubby, "Thug Kim". LOL

So far I have no plans except for spending time with my little sisters tomorrow. I do not have a costume and I am bummed! Bummed enough, that I might *try* and find one on my lunch today. My home is dressed up (inside) for Halloween. I would do the outside, but we rent and I can not. Boooo! I am sitting at work and listening to a 'spooky Halloween' playlist on my iPod. LOL I can not wait to see what tomorrow brings. Then it is time to take down the Halloween decor and put up the Fall / Thanksgiving items.

I have way too many decorations for individual holidays, and I am a sucker for stores that have Holiday related merchandise. Lately as I have expanded my cooking skills and have been trying lots of new things, I find myself flipping through magazines of holiday food items. I feel like quiet the little housewife.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day After Pics with Christine Melissa

I had the opportunity to do a fun photo shoot at the Planting Fields at Oyster Bay with my friend Christine Melissa who also has a photography blog. These are some of the pictures that we got that day.
Thanks to Christine for the fun day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding Thoughts

Coming up on our First Wedding Anniversary has made me start reminiscing about our wedding day and the process to get there.
Listening to the radio today the DJ was talking about if it is a good idea to live together or not before a couple becomes married.
-My thoughts on this is that I am so happy that we did. Although we are still working some kinks out (but then again what couple doesn't have kinks to work on! LOL), we had really adapted to each other very well before we were married. I think that it is important to know, really know and understand the person that you are making this commitment to.

When we had our 22 month engagement there were people who thought I was crazy for the details that we were putting into the wedding.
-Now finally being done with the whole process and receiving our Wedding Film from Pennylane Productions, I am so happy I didn't listen to a single word that people said. Seeing how everything came together made me so happy.

Although, I am sad that the process of getting married is over, I am so happy to say that we will soon be nearing our First Anniversary. We have had our arguments/disagreements, along the way but nothing that is not able to be fixed. I can not wait to celebrate with Greg and start working towards our second anniversary.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October Goals!

Back and ready to rock this month out!

1. Have my car transfered to my name only
2. Cut back on daily snacking.
3. Bring breakfast & lunch to work
4. Pay down vacation funds
5. get stuff to ebay.... FINALLY!