Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Goal Recap

This month got a bit crazy! Between taking care of the sick pug, my birthday, moving and work - I am happy I survived it! Here is how I did for my monthly goals:

1. Make more meals at home and plan out lunches / dinners.
Champion! I kicked it into high gear and started back on the right track with this one.
2. 1 new recipe this month
Pass! I made 3 new recipes this month!
3. Read 3 Books
Fail! I couldn't get through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. But I read Club Dead and also just finishing Barefoot. Check out my book blog
4. All of our stuff unpacked and organized
We are about 90% done. It has been a challenge since we moved into a smaller space.
5. Switch address on all documents
Pass! I hate having to do it, but it is done.
6. Gym / work out routine
Fail. I made it to Yoga this month once (which was a nice new class). Good thing there is always next month..
7. Be conscious of spending and savings (make plan)
I really was great with spending this month. I didn't make a definite plan yet for savings, but I am happy with the results, especially since we had to pay a huge unexpected vet bill.

Update on Roxy

She might have 9 lives!
On June 13th, I blogged about Roxy being sick. It was an awful 2 days to follow. Roxy went to the vet and we received a lot of bad news. Enough to make me think that we were going to have to put down the poor pug.
However she is a fighter. One night at the vet on an IV drip of antibiotics and some other not fun procedures she was doing MUCH better. I could have kissed the vet when he told me she should recover fine and would be coming home! Our Roxy is now on a heart medication and continuing her seizure meds that she has been on since February. Lucky for us she takes the pills daily with no problem.
We love our little fighter!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Turning 30

This month I celebrated my Birthday. Not just any birthday, but a milestone. It was my 30th Birthday. I was fine with it all year, hearing that I was out of my 20's and 'over the hill'. Then the week before my birthday, I was a bit sad, after all I was no longer "in my 20's". Haha.. Then I began to realize that I can't stop time and I might as well make each year better than the last. Here are some photos from a great birthday celebration week.

My mom had my family over for dinner for my birthday. She made all types of Mexican (at my request) for my birthday dinner. We had a fantastic cake from Manhattan Sweets Bakery in Islip. Score for Greg!(what a guy!)It was Chocolate cake with raspberry and canolli filling.

Greg took me to see New Kids On The Block at Radio City Music Hall. Great surprise by him! He had bought me a Tokidoki pocketbook. In the bag were a couple gift cards (Starbucks and iTunes), the tickets and the fantastic ring below!

Went to meet up with friends for our monthly Supper Club, and it was actually a Surprise Party for me! I was shocked! Greg knew the day of that it was going to be a surprise party, but I had no idea and was genuinely touched :)

Next up my BFF Kathy, Greg and I went to Martha Clara for a wine tasting and shopping / exploring on the East End of Long Island. We were in the right place at the right time- we were give a FREE Food & Wine pairing private tasting for the 3 of us, because someone else who had paid for it did not show! We were taken to a private room, given a talk about how to taste wine and also paired it with cheese, meats, and chocolate. This was the best experience with wine that I have ever had!

Lastly, we had dinner this past Tuesday with some friends at the Cheesecake Factory. What a beautiful way to bring myself into my 30's. I am so grateful to have such great people in my life.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mmm Good!

I am Back.. in the Kitchen!
I am very excited I met my goal for the month of trying new recipes and getting back into cooking. I was very happy that we were able to un pack our kitchen and start cooking again. I wanted to try some new things and made 3 new great dishes this month.

I made Mac n' Cheese from scratch. That was great. I do not have a single pic of it, but it is in the top right corner of this one-
It was 3 cheese - parmesan, monterrey jack and sharp cheddar. For a little kick I added Franks Red Hot. it gave it some flavor but not spicy. On top fresh parsley and also some panko bread crumbs.

Next up was Lemon Rosemary Chicken Breast. It was a delicious meal. The chicken breast were made with skin on in a dutch oven. 2 lemons, fresh rosemary and fresh garlic was used to flavor it. The chicken made our entire place smell wonderful, and left overs were just as good.

Lastly I made Zucchini Parmesan Crips as a side dish with burgers on the grill. Talk about easy and yummy- this was a hit! So easy to make, zucchini rounds dipped into olive oil and then dipped into a dry mix of bread crumbs, parmesan, and chopped garlic. Bake 30 min at 450 degrees. They were really good. Greg (my hubby) really enjoyed them.

I am looking forward to keeping up with some home cooking and trying new things.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My Uncle Tim

My Grandpa (Papa)

My God Father - Uncle Ed

My dad - Jack

Happy Father's Day to the men in my life.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Reality" Entertainment

There are plenty of shows that have been dubbed "Reality". However unless we are talking about the original MTV Real World cast from 1992 then most likely it isn't even remotely real!

These people were put into MTV's first "Reality" show. Yet they lived in a Soho Loft and a few of them have had major careers after leaving the show. They were stereotyped onto the show and went on to do other MTV challenges/shows and wrote books, had rapping careers and became professional models.
The show did touch on different topics that were important during that time. It showed that people of different backgrounds could relate and get along.
Later in the 22 seasons that followed, the housing became more extravagant and the locations more exotic. The show turned into a sex and booze filled half hour.

Then there is the smash hit from MTV in 2009. Ahhh to be a Guido or Guidette in America and go to "The Shore" for a fist pumping good time. Amazing how has changed or not changed from 1992 to 2009.

On this show the cast was put into a home in Seaside Heights, NJ and ::GASP:: they had to work on the boardwalk at a T-shirt shop. But don't worry now, they only had to work 2 shifts a week, that left plenty of time for GTL. If your not down with the lingo Gym, Tanning and Laundry. The same cast is currently filming their second season, this time in Miami, FL.
There were challenges for this cast to face, such as the regulars at the Shore not appreciating the cameras and the cast coming into local places. There were plenty of fights on the first season. The cast found love and fell out of it too. Plus they all walked away from the show with a pay check and a free summer at the Shore. Most of the cast is doing appearances and showing up on other shows, red carpet events and commercials. Life as a Guido doesn't sound to bad, does it?

Then there are the shows that are "Reality" and geared more to the adult women. "The Real Housewives of __(insert city name here)__" have turned living extravagantly into a art form. This show follows "real housewives", which make me laugh! These woman belong to country clubs, own multiple homes, beautiful cars, and have maids & nannies. The dine at the posh restaurants and look impeccable.

The real housewives that I know, are not like this at all. Housewives I know are driving minivans, cooking their family meals, cleaning their homes and do not drop thousands of dollars in one store for themselves weekly. However this show can be very entertaining. This show makes you believe that these woman are friends or maybe enemies. That the happen to run into each other at stores or the spa (not set up at all) and they follow that up with lunch at the hottest spots in the Hampton's, LA, or NYC.

No matter what your taste there is a "reality show" for you. From Supper Nanny, to Cake Boss, or OC Choppers - you can find entertainment on TV. It is claiming it is real, but remember: someone has to carry the camera, boom, mics, fix hair and make up, scout out locations, etc.... the list goes on and on.

Happy Viewing!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've got my eye on you!

Money is a bit tight, and we are doing our best to save... However if I was to spend some dough- Here is how I would do it this week:

I would like an iPad. I didn't think I would be into one. However after seeing all that they do, I am hooked.

I STILL want all the Ina cook books. I think this might be something I start off by buying one a month. (With a coupon or discount code!) I love the show Barefoot Contessa, and these books are visually stunning and the recipes are easy to understand.

There is a new make up line at Sephora from Tokidoki. I am not sure what the quality of the products are, but I love the packaging. They would look really good in the new Tokidoki pocket book that I received for my Birthday. (More on that in another post)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Roxy is sick

I am not sure how parents do it with their children when they are sick or hurt.
I am so worried because Roxy is sick again. She doesn't seem to have had another seizure. Instead she seems to be physically sick and not wanting to move. I noticed on Friday she was acting strange and Saturday she seemed better. By the time we got home last night, she was worse and this morning no better. I was going to taker her to emergency vet, but decided that seeing her normal vet tomorrow would be better. I am sitting with her on our couch and she is cuddling up next to me.
She is sleeping right now. I am hoping that they can help her.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Goals

I decided to make this month all about new beginnings. Being that we are going to be in our new apartment and Summer is almost here; it seemed like a good idea to get back to my goals. So below are a few goals to get me pointed in the right direction and back into the swing of things.

1. Make more meals at home and plan out lunches / Dinners
2. 1 new recipe this month
3. Read 3 books
4. All of our stuff unpacked and organized
5. Switch address on all documents
6. Gym / work out routine
7. Be conscious of spending and savings (make a plan)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Land Hooooooooooo

What an amazing vacation! The cruise was fantastic. This was my first time out of the country and on a cruise. I was able to relax and get some reading done. The food was great and besides a little rain it was just beautiful.

Now back to reality and time to get things back in order. Greg and I are currently in the process of moving. Moving is no fun. I hope this is the last time I move until I buy a house. I am going to try and make some goals up for the month, we will see. I am also going to be celebrating a birthday soon. This should be an interesting month!