Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Goals Recap!!

I promise I didn't fall off of the face of the earth. I just slacked and then stopped blogging. But I am here to go over the 2011 goals and promise hope to be blogging come the new year!
  1. Go to 3 Concerts and/or take a couple day trips Done! Saw Sugarland, Zac Brown and NKOTB
  2. Be more fashionable - don't just dress for comfort Done! Got my fashion sense back
  3. Be a helpful, caring friend, wife, sister and family member Done! Really kept my promise here
  4. Donate my time / money to causes I believe in Done! I plan on continuing on with this one
  5. Eat better and make healthier choices Was doing good until I got pregnant, then the healthier choices were not my top priority!
  6. Use Cookbooks on hand to create better meals Done! I made a lot of great meals this year!
  7. Be a better Blogger Fail! I could have done a lot better.
  8. Less Internet when home or with family (including on phone& iPad) Done! Another one that I plan on continuing on with
  9. Look into college options for a BA Fail! I started to look and got side tracked.
  10. Read more - strive for 3 books a month I read 32 books this year. Not 36 but darn close!
  11. Be more organized Done! Wahoo!
  12. Finish 30 while 30 list I am giving myself a pass on this. I did well but did not finish it.
  13. Lucky #13... do a 5K (yikes!) FAIL!
I am working on my 2012 resolutions and goals and hope to have them ready for January 1st.