Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 2011 Goals

With not posting monthly goals since October, I think it is time to break it down monthly again. Here are some of the things that I would like to accomplish this month. Shh I know I am 6 days behind!

  1. Read 3 books
  2. Make 4 meals using cook books I have home
  3. Crochet 3 hats
  4. Gym / work out twice a week
  5. Go to Yoga twice this month
  6. Find a curtain for the bedroom window
  7. Eliminate 111 items from our home- donate what we can from them
That's it! My Lucky 7!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Goals

Well here it is, a new decade! Can't believe that I am now in my 30's and ready for new adventures. Looking back at last years goals (see the previous blog post), posting it kept me on track. With that said, here is the new goals for 2011. I hope that you also will share your goals and how you strive to keep them!
  1. Go to 3 Concerts and/or take a couple day trips
  2. Be more fashionable - don't just dress for comfort
  3. Be a helpful, caring friend, wife, sister and family member
  4. Donate my time / money to causes I believe in
  5. Eat better and make healthier choices
  6. Use Cookbooks on hand to create better meals
  7. Be a better Blogger
  8. Less Internet when home or with family (including on phone& iPad)
  9. Look into college options for a BA
  10. Read more - strive for 3 books a month
  11. Be more organized
  12. Finish 30 while 30 list
  13. Lucky #13... do a 5K (yikes!)
Cheers to another great year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Goal Recap

With the end of 2010 I had a chance to recap my goals. This was a trying year for me and my family, but I made it through and can still see the positive.
1. Read at least 2 books a month
Read 23 books for the year. Missed the goal by 1 book!
2. Learn and expand my knowledge to further my career goals
More than I would have expected. With my boss on Maternity leave for 3 months I took over her job!
3. Learn to Knit or Crochet (make a scarf and a blanket)
Yahoo! I learned to Crochet! I made both a scarf and blanket, plus other items
4. Eliminate clutter around the house, make our home more organized
Done! Plus we moved and got rid of a bunch of items
5. Stick to my monthly budget
Fail- we had some hits to our wallets this year
6. Be accountable and more conscious of my daily/weekly spending
I was more accountable. If we weren't this year would have been a lot tougher between my medical bills, the dogs medical issues and our move.
7. Pay off my car and find a replacement
PASS! In April I purchased a new car
8. Contribute more to our savings for the purchase of a house
Fail. See #5
9. Do a 5k
Fail - due to medical issues
10. Make a fitness routine and stick to it (realistic goals)
The first half of the year I did well with this, so Pass for me!
11. Make 4 new recipes a month
Pass! I tried all sorts of new things for the year.
12. Make more creative meals, and cook at home more (will help us save more $$ for the house)
Pass! Loved trying new things!
13. Help out and donate time to my church or other charities
I am very proud of what I accomplished this year
14. Be a better blogger
Getting there, I have made good progress this year
15. Scrapbook more, document our life in creative ways
I have not scrapbooked nearly enough this year
16. Be a supportive, loving and helpful wife, sister, friend and family member
Pass! I love the time that I have spent with all of my family and friends
I may have not accomplished all my goals but I certainly made progress. I am going to continue to make goals and have plans for achievements. This is the best way I can keep my self on track. Thanks for reading along on this journey!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

111 items in 1/11

I am getting in on this challenge from The goal is to look at your home and find 111 items you can get rid of. I THINK that I have enough items that are just taking up space in the house. I will take some pics and post as I go. Even if I get rid of 50 items, it will help!