Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well it is the 16th of September and I have not posted any goals. An oversight on my part. But, I have been doing some things to keep me on the right track.
I have cut down on my late night eating and also have made up fruit and veggie bags to snack on at work. Also I am not carrying cash on me as much as possible to cut back on spending.
Greg and I have booked a small vacation at the end of November with my parents and sisters and I really need to save some money to get myself ready for that trip.

Friday, September 11, 2009


It seems like yesterday that it was 9.11. I have such a lasting impression of that day and some of the days that followed. Here is my account of how I found out about the Terrorist Attacks on America. Being 45 minutes outside of NYC, it felt so close to home and very scary.

I worked at Wal-Mart and was just pulling into the the parking lot for work.WBLI cut into a song and said that a 'small plane' has hit one of the towers. I walked in and mentioned it to a few people as I was clocking in.
As I started my job at courtesy desk, the TV's in the store changed from the wal-mart tv (advertisements) to CNN. That is when it seemed like time stopped. Customers were glued, as were associates to the TV's. I stayed through my shift. The fire department came in what seemed like 30 minutes later took ALL of the bottled water in the store as well as batteries and flash lights. The Manager on duty wanted to take inventory of what they were taking but the other associates yelled that it didn't matter.. it seemed to us that it wasn't important what the cost of what they needed was, just that we GIVE it to them. He agreed and we piled things everywhere we could on their trucks and cars heading toward the city.
My mom had a major surgery at Good Sam in Babylon/West Islip the day before, she had some complications and was still in recovery. They moved her to a room because they were prepping for all the people that they were going to be bringing in from the towers.... :forlorn: but no one ever came.

Monday, September 7, 2009

September Goals

A week late.. but better than never! ;)

1. Brown bag lunches! (3 or 4 days a week)
2. Cook at home 4 nights a week
3. Cut down on ALL spending and track spending better
4. Clean out studio
5. Ebay and sell unwanted items (save money for vacation)
6. Switch car loan into my name only

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Goals Recap

1. Spend some more time with my Sister's before they go back to school.
Done!! I spent a good amount of time with my sisters. So far I have taken 1 back to school shopping and still have to take my youngest sister soon.

2. Bake some Vegan options for my friend!
Booo! Never got around to this.

3. Read 4 books (2 personal / 2 book club)
I did read 3 books. (Such a Pretty fat, I'm So Happy For You, and Welcome to Shirley). I am half way through a 4th book.

4. Try some different cooking styles and food options.
Nope.. barely cooked this month.
5. De-clutter and organize the spare room (also known as a dumping ground)

This month was just insanely busy for my husband and I. I tried out a second job for the month. The additional 28 hours to my normal 40, just proved to much for me at this point. I am excited to move on to another month and get some new & repetitive goals.