Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Goals Recap

1. Spend some more time with my Sister's before they go back to school.
Done!! I spent a good amount of time with my sisters. So far I have taken 1 back to school shopping and still have to take my youngest sister soon.

2. Bake some Vegan options for my friend!
Booo! Never got around to this.

3. Read 4 books (2 personal / 2 book club)
I did read 3 books. (Such a Pretty fat, I'm So Happy For You, and Welcome to Shirley). I am half way through a 4th book.

4. Try some different cooking styles and food options.
Nope.. barely cooked this month.
5. De-clutter and organize the spare room (also known as a dumping ground)

This month was just insanely busy for my husband and I. I tried out a second job for the month. The additional 28 hours to my normal 40, just proved to much for me at this point. I am excited to move on to another month and get some new & repetitive goals.

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