Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kim in the Kitchen

Ahhhh what a delicious dinner tonight! Seafood Stuffed Talapia, button Mushrooms and a salad. It was a terrific dinner and super easy to make. I have not cooked nearly as much as I wanted to this month. I did make some great meals, however I have not taken pictures! SLACKER!!!!!
I really want to purchase all of these cook books I love Ina's show and find her to have a soothing voice and great spirit! I think I am going to go with Barefoot at Home first and then move on. I have a really good friend named Jane who has them all and she loves them!
Being that tomorrow is the last day of the month, I need to start working on my goals and I think I really need to focus on some more creativity in the kitchen and some more healthy, fresh choices. Because, the spring and summer living on the east end of Long Island means: FARM STANDS!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Shoppers Delight!

Can't let a 25% Coach coupon go to waste! Luckily my husband agreed, and I went on a little spending spree for myself. The discount was great to get me through the spring / summer season and great finds for my upcoming cruise.
The Tribeca Op Art Sateen Tote and Molly Flip Flop
The Waverly Wristlet and the Gramercy Embossed small wallet
I also did some "damage" at Old Navy this weekend too! I really need to get some new things and get ready for spring. I have donated or sold on eBay so many things lately. It is nice to have some new fresh items. Now it is time to save again..

"Under The Weather"

I am not a fan of that term, but it suits the way that I feel right now. Starting this past Friday I didn't feel too great. I had some Tylenol Cold and Sinus that I took all weekend, and I think it has progressively gotten worse.
The rainy weather from last night through this morning is really not helping my mood, or pending cold either. This morning, I left Starbucks and dropped my drink outside in the rain when I was getting in my car. Luckily they took pity on my miserable state and made me a new one. I believe I have a ear infection. My mom gave me some medicine last night (along with leftovers from the turkey dinner we had at her house). Soon as I have some breakfast I am taking the meds and hoping for the best.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It is a Digital World

This might me a little bit of me ranting and rambling - be forewarned! LOL
It seems as if we are seeing more and more of celebrity cheaters "outed" these days. In this day in age of text messaging, telescopic lenses for the paparazzi and Internet, how people in the public eye don't think they will get caught is beyond me! Amazing enough these people are still going out, sex-texting and leaving voice mails for the mistresses. Now I am SURE this has happen back in the day of the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe heck even Charlie Chaplin's day.. But there weren't so many ways for being caught and documented.

Bottom line: when I hear about it, or see it in the Entertainment gossip magazines and web blogs, it barely surprises me. Seriously, did Sandra Bullock think that the man she married who was going through a divorce when she was dating her, think it was going to last forever?!? I mean, I didn't expect Tiger Woods to be the man we all see him as now- Elin might not have seen it coming, none of us did.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Whoooa! When....

did this become a weekly recap blog?!?!
After 2 weeks of full speed a head, I think or rather I hope this one is much slower! The clocks going ahead did really throw me off. I think by mid week I finally was becoming accustomed to it.
The Shower favors were a big hit and I got some great feedback on them. Due to the storm last weekend we had no power at my job for 3 days. I was able to get St. Patrick's Day off from it, but still had plenty to do. I did very minimal cooking last week, so I made a promise to myself to really put forth an effort this week.
Made it to the gym once last week.. lets see how this week goes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life in The Fast Lane

This was a QUICK week.
You know when you feel like time is flying- Well that is what I feel about this week.
I was able to accomplish A LOT - including baking, decorating and packaging 60 cookies for Shower Favors. I also started a new book, and abandoned another. I usually do not like to start a book and not finish, but I could not get past the first 20 pages of Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead- by Saralee Rosenberg. I did start Dune Road- Jane Green. So far this book seems more interesting, and well written. I was able to do a good house cleaning and host game night with our friends... then re-clean the house! LOL
All in all, I am happy with the week, except for not making to the gym once, but there is always next week.
I wonder if anyone else on the East Coast is sad about putting their clocks ahead tonight and losing an hour of sleep? LOL I am bummed. But there is a great trade off, of more daylight and the promise of warmer weather.
Hope you have a good coming week.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What a week!

It was a crazy week at my house! I was able to get in and start my goals, mainly the practicing baking and cookie making one- I was asked to make a platter of Garden themed cookies for a member of my church. I was a bit rushed but, I was able to complete it and have it ready in time for this past Sunday. I was a little disappointed because I ran into some glazing problems that I am googling today. The pictures here you can not see the 'white blotches" as I called them - ok I cursed them to no end when I saw them come out the next day. LOL But all in all they were highly impressed, which made my day!

I also went to a St. Patrick's Day Parade with a group of friends. Unfortunately my hubby was working his second job and could not make it, but I did have a good time, just for him! ;) It was a BEAUTIFUL day out, and we had a blast being outside and walking up to the parade. Our host, Amanda made Corned Beef, Mac 'n Cheese, Sheppard's Pie and various other snacks. We were able to enjoy a few drinks and celebrate what I hope is the start of Spring.

I hope that you also had a fun filled week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Goals

Marchin' in to March (so cheesy!) here are my goals for the month

1. Read 3 books
2. Get my passport done
3. eBay 4 items
4. See 10 Houses (house hunting)
5. Make 4 new recipes
6. Organize my bedroom closet and dresser
7. Donate unwanted clothing
8. Practice my baking and cookie making

Monday, March 1, 2010

February Goals Recap

1. Get all album art work for iTunes.
I was able to get more than 70% of this done. I have a lot of music in there, I am happy with what was accomplished.
2. eBay MORE items
DONE! I sold an additional 3 items for this month. Very happy because it is de-cluttering my house and some added income.
3. Find knitting classes or tutorial videos
FAIL- I was not able to even get to this.
4. Work out 3 times a week
FAIL- Majorly failed
5. No texting/tweeting/facebooking while driving
Wahoo! I really kicked this habit this month. I am very proud!
6. Read 2 books
DONE! I read Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan and Brava, Valentine by Adriana Trigiani. Check out my Book blog at http://kimsbookblog614.blogspot.com/. I review books that I am reading there.
7. Clear out our stuff from my Father in Law's garage
Half and Half! I was able to get most of it gone. There are still a few things that need to be gone through. Luckily it isn't much at all.
8.Pay off Vacation
DONE! All paid! Now we just need to get some spending money saved.
9. Spend Less
Great job there! I was able to spend less and sell more (eBay!)
10. Make 4 new recipes
DONE! I made a great Mac & Cheese, ribs, fish and steak :)

With how insane this month (although it was a short one), I am really not too sad about not accomplishing all the goals. There was a great deal done otherwise this month.