Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baking Through A Heat Wave!

I am lucky enough to not have lost power during the last heatwave a little over a week ago. I know a lot of people in the surrounding states did lose power for almost a week. My heart goes out to all of them.

With the air conditioner blasting, I baked a lot of cookies this week. Here are a few the VERY different orders I had to complete this week

KISS cookies for the ultimate fan! 

Real Estate Thank You cookies for a great Agent 

Cookie Monster and Elmo!

I love how many different cookies I had to make this week. What a blast! 

Monday, July 2, 2012


Goals for June Recap:

1. Read 2 Books - Done! (Swim & Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me)
2. Organize my cookbook area - Done! 
3. Make 6 new recipes - ok, so I am not sure about 6, but I got a few new ones completed.
4. Go for at least 1 family walk a week Not once a week but again we got a few in as a family and Rocco took a few walks with me alone this month
5. Finish crochet blanket - Done!! 
6. Find ways to save some extra money this month - Done! Ebay'ed a few items and had a garage sale
7. Try 3 new cookie decorating ideas Done!
8. Blog books read since beginning of year Ehhh didn't complete this yet. 

It is easy to say I failed for June being that I didn't complete everything I wanted to. But I am happy that I got a lot done since it was a busy month. 

July Goals:

1. Weekly family walks
2. Boost our savings account
3. Finish a crochet blanket
4. Read 2 books
5. Try 4 new recipes