Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh Baby! Time is flying!

With Baby Goz being just about 3 weeks away, I have been "nesting" like crazy. It seems every day I have more on my 'to-do' list. But I checked off a major item this week and get the crib all ready.

Big shout out to my Husband, Greg for getting the crib, dresser and glider all put together!

The pattern is called Bunny Meadow by Kids Line and was a clearance find! I am all about the deals! I had to do some repairs on the mobile being that the bunnies were attached oddly and looked nothing like the picture. But now it is all set. We don't plan on using the bumpers in the crib, but they looked cute for the pictures. We are thinking of framing part of one for some DIY artwork.

And this is me at 36 weeks pregnant. I have to make a collage of all of my pictures and progress. It is amazing how your body changes. Oh and we are still "team green" and do not know what the gender of the baby is :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Janurary 2012!

Wahoo! It is a new year and I want to get off on the right foot, so with out further adieu here are my monthly goals:

1. Use the reading plan from Unity Chapel  and meet reading goals.
2. Read 2 books
3. Try 4 new recipes
4. Finish all work projects on my to do list before my maternity leave
5. Get my licence information changed
6. Finish 3 crochet hats for Baby Goz and 1 blanket for a friend
7. Turn in my application for the Lay Reader program
8. Wash all of Baby Goz's clothing and put away in new dresser
9. Find and download apps for baby 'tracking' of meals, naps and bowel movements
10. Get a Mani & Pedi before the big day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions 2012

Here we go a new year and a new list!

1. Lose the baby weight
2. Read 2 (or more) books per month
3. Get back on Goodreads, keep up pintrest, project 365 and instagram
4. Be a better blogger
5. Have a date night at least once a month with out the baby
6. Practice monthly Random Acts of Kindness
7. Make a bucket list
8. Try 24 new recipes this year (2 or more per month)
9. Continue on my cookie and crochet journey see where it leads
10. Make good spending and saving habits
11. Be a great spouse, mother, friend, sister, daughter and family member
12. Take 2 trips
13. Do a 5k. (maybe this year ;) haha!)
addition to my list:
14. Read the bible. I found a reading plan for the Methodist Church and I'm going to try to do it.