Friday, August 21, 2009

Need Vs. Want

I made an adult decision yesterday. It sucks but I decided that as much as I WANT a new(er) car, I just should wait it out.
My current car is in good shape , and I still owe a bit on the loan. I was going to trade it in and get something newer. But all in all.. Keeping it is not a bad thing. I just put breaks in and had my oil changed. It has no 'major' problems.. it is almost 5 years old. Not too bad.. but this little voice in my head was telling me that I needed a new car.
I decided to keep my car, and pay it off as quick as possible. It is the smart thing to do, and save money towards a house instead.
Growing up stinks sometimes! But I am happy I have a good car and that I can pay it off now.

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Jenna said...

I always use the need vs want when shopping. I never did before and that is how I got myself in trouble. HAHA! If it is a good deal and you cannot live your life without it, then get it. If not, then dont get it! I guess the same goes for cars :( but I know the feeling of you just want something new and refreshing!