Saturday, August 15, 2009

This blog come to you from...

This blog is coming to you from.... my new 2nd job!
So I would love to keep dreaming that I have enough to live on. I would love to keep dreaming that Greg (my husband) and I can buy a house, on Long Island with the salaries we make. However I needed to be realistic.
I hated selling Tupperware! It just wasn't for me. I made back more than what I originally had to put in for the kit, so that is a blessing. But, I needed a second job, and Greg already has one. I was able to find a job on that seems to be able to fit into my schedule for now. I am working an additional 27 hours per week to my established full time job. The new job is also in 'real estate'. I am an Office Assistant for the lease office at an apartment complex. Talking about working for 2 different ends of the spectrum! LOL. So my Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons are temporarily gone. Thank goodness summer is half over and I won't feeling like I am missing out... that much.
Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will not get burnt out and the money will start rolling in.