Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Goals Recap

Ohhhhh Boy! I really slacked on some of my goals for this month. I was busy enjoying summer and well, I indulged!

1. Fresh Flower Fridays (saw this on TamStyles Blog and loved it!)
Managed to remember to do this ONE Friday of the month! LOL

2. Gym (Enough Said)
Ok, I am getting better! I am proud of my accomplishments this past month.

3. Ebay and / or donate more items that are sitting around the house
I was able to get my cabinets & Closets cleaned out and donate some great items. As far as Ebay, I am going to post some items very soon that I hope to make some money back on.

4. Use the Internet less when home and weekends

5. Don't Spend any money one day a week (worked good last month)
I didn't keep track this month of this goal, but I did do some great saving this month

6. Continue bringing lunch to work and cook at home 3 days a week
I know that I didn't do this 3 days a week for the month, but I did use my left overs and have some cheaper lunches.

7. Read 4 books. (2 personal choices and 2 Book club)
DONE! I read some great books this month- Chocolat, Hunger Games, Big Cherry Holler and Living Dead in Dallas.

Tomorrow I will post some goals for the month of August!

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