Thursday, July 30, 2009

All Done!

Well I am finished taking all 4 of the Wilton Cake Decoration Classes offered at Michaels.

I am sad to be done. I managed to make it to all 16 classes and definitely learned a lot of new things. A few people have mentioned that I should go into business for myself and make cakes. I really do not think that is something that I would want to make a career out of. I enjoy making them and would not oppose to making them for events and for some extra cash. However I will not be doing this full time.

I did really like the extra course I took in Cookie making. That is something I could see myself doing more often.

Unfortunately my last cake was kind of boring. We had to do a 1 tier cake with some 'fantasy flowers' on top. The picture posted is the flowers that I made on the cake. I will be making a cake this coming month for a friends Birthday, so stay around to see that one!

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