Friday, July 17, 2009


A few friends and I were talking about saving money and cutting down on spending. I do a few things to cut back on my spending and thought it might be a good idea to share them here.

1. Utilize a Change Jar- I have always had one. I do not offer up change at stores. I let them give me back coin change instead. When they do I put it in my change jar. Along with the coin, if I have bills larger than a dollar bill and only 1 or 2 dollar bills in my wallet, they go in there too.

2. Starbucks Gold Card- I know this seems like a waste when you think of how much Starbucks can be. However I am a Starbucks addict. LOL. I bought the Gold Card, which gives you 10% off every purchase in store. I have save A LOT by using that card every day. (And no I will not give up Starbucks to save money, it is my vice)

3. Coupons- I get the paper every Sunday morning from Starbucks (while I use my 10% off). At my local Starbucks they have a small wire basket for people to throw parts of the paper they do not want in. I take the coupons that are there! LOL

3. Lunch- During the work week, I bring my lunch from home at least 3 days a week. Usually I am able to do this 4 days a week. It saves money and I use left overs and save money on my Lunches. I do go out once a week to have a cheap lunch.

4. Dinners Home- My husband and I have been cooking at home a lot. We make different meals and accept things that my mom makes and sends over. Mom sent me home with a full Chicken Cutlet dinner a few nights ago! No cooking for me, although it was a home cooked meal!

5. Self Mani/Pedi- I have worn acrylic nails for YEARS. I have stopped wearing them a few months ago and save myself $60+ a month. I am doing my own weekly pedicures. I used to love getting my nails done and may start again in the fall or what not, however it is a great savings not to have them done.

6. Gift Cards- I love receiving Gift Cards as presents for myself. I do not mind one bit to get them. When I do not have money to spend but need/want something I will pull out one of them. All of my family and friends know that I love them and don't mind one bit to get them!

7. Credit Cards- I have 2 and they both have NO balance right now. I try to keep it under $100 each. I like to pay them off after I use them. I will not open other cards. I think it is a way of keeping my spending in check.

8. Re-usable Bags- Ok I know that this is a stretch, however it does save. When doing my grocery shopping, I bring my own bags. It saves $.10 a bag used. Why not? It is better for the environment too!

9. Ebay / Garage Sales- I have done both of these things multiple times in order to get some extra money in my pocket. I sell what I can, then donate other items that can not be sold or maybe to bulky or too much for shipping.

10. Library- I am in 2 book clubs, so I go to the library to find the book instead of purchasing it. I also do this with music for my iPod. I really enjoy going there. I go to book stores to read new magazines, instead of buying them sometimes.

Basically it is about finding out what you can do with out, or willing to do with out.

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