Monday, November 16, 2009

On the Hunt

The hunt has begun.
My husband and I have started to browse for a home. We have been renting together for over 3 years and we are looking to make that next step. I have been searching Real Estate listings and sites, and trying to see what our dollar is going to get us on Long Island. We love it here and do not want to leave it, but it is so tempting to move out of state where we could get more for less, (or at least about the same).
We went to 3 homes this weekend for a viewing. If I could have run out screaming from one of them I would have. There are A LOT of great things to be said about someone who rescues Greyhounds, but not for the home they were showing. 3 Dogs, 2 adults and numerous cats in this small location did not go over well on my senses, especially my sense of smell.
We encountered another home where they rented out each individual room to 4 different college students, and let me tell you, they are NOT a clean bunch. The last home was fairly nice, however the asking price exceeded what you were actually getting.
I will continue to look and hunt and send links to my husband. We will find something that is right for us. I just have a feeling it is going to take some time.

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