Sunday, February 15, 2009


Valentines day weekend has passed. I had a wonderful time with my husband this weekend. I can't believe what surprises have came about. Greg took me to a wonderful dinner at The 5th Season in Port Jefferson. We did this on friday to beat the crowds and have a quiet night. The food was amazing, we shared dessert and headed home. When we got home he surprised me again with a Coach Bag that I have been eyeing. I was shocked! Especially since we said no gifts, and he already gave me a ring as a wedding and valentines joint present. Saturday we were able to spend some time at home, then made our way out with Kathy for some shopping and then dinner at On The Border near Ikea. Sunday we saw my Mother in Law and also went to Gina's Batoon Twirling competition. It was about 2 hours long and she did a great job. My parents, Jackie, and Grandparents all came and it was nice being able to have a nice weekend relaxing together.

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