Wednesday, March 4, 2009


These were my Goals for 2009, as stated in a previous post in January.

1. Become more in control of my Finances
2. Be accountable for having my own savings
3. Cook at home more, prepare food for lunches for Greg and I
4. Manage my time better
5. Become healthier, both physically and mentally
6. Take classes in things that interest me
7. Do more Charitable things, donate my time
8. Plan a vacation for Greg and I (not the wedding in Fl for October)

I am happy to say that I am really keeping up on all but the last 2, (so far)! I have not planned a vacation because we decided to use that money to pay off some bills and we are going to wait till we have more in our savings. I have not been as charitable as I can. However, instead of giving up something for lent- I will be making a donation to an charity. I think it is a better solution. Also I am looking into working my Chuch Soup Kitchen when it resumes.

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