Monday, May 18, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

The weather this weekend wasn't so great, but I made the best of it. I had a really interesting Saturday. I made my way out to Barristers and Book Hampton in Southampton. Lunch at Barrister's was great, I was able to get a street side window seat. I people watched and started a new book. Then I saw Micheal J. Fox and his family while I was sitting there! Here is the only pics that I was able to get.

When I was done walking around Southampton, it was still early so I drove out to East Hampton. I was surprised to see the Coach store was closed, but is moving around the corner. Also the store Hermes (from Paris originally) is opening in it's place. There is also a great store that opened next to the Starbucks in town called Lululemon Athletica. I loved that store. It is basically a yoga studio and store for yoga, running, and dance. I about a new water bottle and yoga mat straps while I was there. I plan on going back. They are a chain so there are other locations. On Sunday at 6pm, they have a free Yoga class.

When Greg was out of work for the day, we went to see Angles & Demons and had dinner. Sunday wasn't too exciting. The weather kept me from driving out to Green Port, so I might next weekend. However I was able to do some grocery shopping and cleaning around the house.

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