Friday, May 29, 2009

Mom saves the Day

This week I had the pleasure of yet another horrifying trip to the dentist. My bottom left wisdom tooth broke and had to be removed at the oral surgeon. This happen on Monday (memorial day), so I had to wait to the next day to try and get into my dentist office.
Tuesday when I was at work, and desperately trying to get an appointment, my mom called just to check in. After hearing that I was in pain and needed the dentist, she sprung into action offering to drive me there and make sure I was seen. At first I was hesitant thinking I could go on my own, then I realized how much pain I was in. She was a little late picking me up, but she ran me around and made sure to get me there in record time.
Mom brought me to the dentist who could not do the procedure. She then drove to the oral surgeon. I thought she might come after the surgeon when she saw my face/mouth after it was over!
When I was done there, she brought me to the Pharmacy for my prescription and picked up some soup for me. All in all she was with me for about 5 hours, but it made my week.
I was in a lot of pain, but I am so glad she was with me. Every now and then Mom is the best medicine! Sometimes we need to hear 'poor baby' and have a parent hold our hand.

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