Monday, June 1, 2009

May Goals Recap

Not so bad. Here are the goals I set and where I stand as of this morning:
1. Find a Second Job
DONE! I have become a Tupperware Consultant. So far so Good!
2. Bring Lunch to work 4 days a week
DONE! I have been really saving money and making some healthy choices :)
3. Get 2 Credit cards paid off
Close... with in $100. of ALL credit cards being paid off
4. Book a Vacation
DONE!! 30th Birthday Cruise for 2010, and a small weekend get away in July 2009
5. Read 3 books (2 for Book Club & 1 personal pick)
2 books read (1 for book club and 1 personal). I have started the other book club book this morning.
6. Cook at home 3 nights a week (or have leftovers)
I think we have been really consistent with this! I am pleased with our efforts
7. Clean out Living room Closet
Nope! Never finished it... moving it to the new list for June. LOL

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