Thursday, June 18, 2009


I know that this post may not be liked by parents or people trying to have kids. But it is me trying to find my way through some new feelings.

One of our Couple friends had a baby yesterday.
Now this is a married couple that I have been friends with for years. It is my first "friend" with a baby. A true friend, someone who I see often and have been around a long time. I am nervous about being a good friend with this baby around. I am not much a fan for kids or babies. I feel that they are just complicated and not something I want in MY life. I am afraid that I won't feel comfortable around a baby. I would certainly not expect them to change their lives for me. I am just trying to work through my emotions of feeling maybe, out of place in their new roles as parents.
I know that this baby is 2 days old and there are a million of great things ahead of them in their life as a family. However I don't know how this is going to affect my friendship with them. I want to be a good friend, I just know myself to not have patience for children, besides my sisters. I know that a screaming baby drives me up the wall and I do not like to 'ohh and ahh' over children. I am much more fond of Pets.
I am hoping that having this little one around will develop our friendship more. Although, I don't plan on being a mom, so I don't know that this might affect our friendship in the future. I know I won't be the one going to the playground with my child or childproofing my home along with them. I won't understand the pains of toilet training or teething. I would like to do my best to continue our friendship, I hope that I can make a good effort and it be enough to continue our friendship.
This is a totally new role for me to play as a friend and I hope that I can do it right.


Bri said...

Kim I think it's perfectly normal to be wondering where you'll fit in. Especially because you have a different feeling about children in general. Feeling different isn't wrong and you know yourself well enough to know that being a parent is not right for you.

Kim.Gos said...

Thanks Bri.
It is such a new experience in general.