Wednesday, February 3, 2010

House Hunting & HGTV

As I mentioned January 20, Greg and I decided to look into buying a house instead of a condo. We thought that the town we saw was right for us, then after more researching decided that it in fact was not right for us at all. We received a pre-approval from our bank for a mortgage and viewed six homes this past weekend. Four of those homes were in that town we were origionally looking in. The other two were on the same block in a town a few miles away. One home had some one squatting in it! The other I really liked, it is just a bit more than what we can spend and it looks like the price was set by the bank. We are going to keep looking and saving. We are not in a rush to move out of our current rental place and luckily don't have a lease being that it belongs to my Father in Law. I just don't want the right home to pass us by, so I am keeping both eyes open and stalking the internet sites daily.

When I was wedding planning (feels like ages ago!), I was stuck on all the wedding shows. Bridezilla, Rich Bride - Poor Bride, My Fair Wedding etc... were my life! Now I am all about HGTV and their home buying and renovating shows. It does also make me want to pick up and leave Long Island. As much as I love it here and our families are here- we would get so much more for our money in other states! I love Property Virgins on HGTV it makes me feel good to know that we are in the same boat as many other people. We are ready and would like to make that next step, but a little scared. I have fallen in love with being a wife and working and getting things done while Greg is at his second job. I always thought I would be working and not really doing the house work, cooking, cleaning and planning, but I love it! I would rather not get a second job, but if it means we can afford a great home, I am not opposed.

There is still part of me that thinks..... what if we moved?

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