Thursday, October 18, 2012

Taking Responsibility

I have a bunch of excuses on why the past week wasn't good for working out, eating right or weight loss.
1. It was my husbands birthday weekend
2. we were celebrating our anniversary
3. I had 4 cookie orders this week
4. I had no time to buy fruit and veggies
5. eating out was easier
6. it was girls night
I could go on and on....

BUT I am not going to. I could have made a tiny bit of time and got things done. YES I have been busy and it was really tough but it is not that tough. I have credited my self with making the time to get fit these past 3 months and LOVE my progress,  I am not letting my goals get away from me. I should have done more.

I am making up for the squats and crunches that I have missed. I am going to try to get some walking in at some point, drinking water and really need to start tracking my food intake again. 

I did not weigh in yesterday. I decided to wait until next week to see how it goes. It is what it is. I am responsible and proud to make these changes.

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