Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kim in the Kitchen

This week I started off on the right foot for one of my Goals and Resolutions for the year which was to cook at home more. This week I made Chili in a bread bowl, home made Fajitas and also sauteed shrimp and avocado - tomato salad.
The Chili was a Crock Pot recipe and it came out wonderful! I took a tip from one of my new favorite blogger The Newlywoodwards- and picked up 2 bread bowls from Panera Bread. It made for a great presentation, and Greg loved it.
The Fajitas were just amazing! Simple to make and just a really filling dinner. Plus VERY inexpensive. I used some items that were in my kitchen already, and got some fresh peppers and sauteed it up.
Same went with the shrimp and avocado - tomato salad. I used some of the same ingredients from the Fajitas, and was able to defrost some frozen shrimp and add a little Olive oil and fresh garlic for a great meal.
All in all it was a very exciting week for me, starting off my year the right way!

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Don't you LOVE that Panera lets you buy the bread bowls? It seems so fancy.

Everything looks yummy. I gotta start cooking a little more, I've gotten a wee bit lazy. I think its the subzero temps, all I want to do is snuggle under an electric blanket.